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Essential Statistical Analysis "In Focus"

Alternate Guides for R, SAS, and Stata for Essential Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Kristin L. Sotak, Gregory J. Privitera, Yu Lei, et al.

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Essentials of Statistical Analysis "In Focus" supports users of Gregory J. Privitera’s Essential Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Second Edition who work with a statistical program other than SPSS® or Excel®. Three standalone parts, each dedicated to R, SAS®, and Stata®, serve as step-by-step guides for completing the “In Focus” exercises in Privitera’s core text. A conversational writing style along with “To The Student” introductions allow students to familiarize themselves and become more comfortable with each program prior to making computations. Additionally, General Instruction Guidebook (GIG) sections for R, SAS®, and Stata® provide standardized how-to instructions for using each program, making the book a valuable reference for students beyond their studies.

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Introduction to statistics, Statistical computation, Statistics, Statistical theory