Cracking the Code of Education Reform

Creative Compliance and Ethical Leadership

Christopher H. Tienken

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Lead between the lines- evaluate Ed policies to emphasize the positives and minimize the negatives Although educational reform is intended for positive change, sometimes it misses the mark. However, when school leaders capitalize on the positive aspects of reforms they can strategize to ensure the best outcomes for students.Christopher Tienken, professor and international speaker, shares his insights on how to identify both positive and negative aspects of education reform to maximize the benefits for students. This book introduces a practical framework for interpreting educational reform within an evidence-based practice, and provides thoughtful ways to finesse results out of challenging policies. Designed for use on the ground level, this book features: Seven specific creative compliance strategies to maximize student and educator success Case studies that illustrate how to critique reforms and take action Reflective questions to guide evaluation and application Ethical decision-making checklistAnalyzing both successful and unsuccessful reform ideas from the past, this book champions creative compliance and how to lead innovatively/judiciously.

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