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Formulating Solutions

Lessons from an Unexpected Entrepreneurial Journey

P. Scott Bening

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Every great product has a creation story. Ever wondered about the story behind Tide Pods? What company came up with the film that holds the detergent and then dissolves? How did that simple innovation lead to a huge global success? And what does it take to scale a fast-moving and disruptive company?

In Formulating Solutions, P. Scott Bening shares his journey from chemist to entrepreneur and teaches readers the key lessons he's learned throughout his career. As the primary designer of the global strategies and relationships that enabled this story of successful innovation, Scott developed and positioned his organization for over three decades to thrive in an emerging market space. Now he's teaching others to do the same.

Follow Scott's story and learn how to create beneficial business relationships, scale your company to an enterprise, protect your intellectual property, navigate global growth, and much more. Start cultivating innovation and formulating solutions today.



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