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The Maestro’S Favourites

A Symphony of Taste

Marlin Wolfe

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Ratgeber / Allgemeine Kochbücher, Grundkochbücher


This cookbook has been in the making for some time. I have been cooking from a young age and have had things that turn out well and things that just turn out awesome. The objective of the book is to show anyone that has an interest in cooking and in being creative can do it as long as there is a desire to take on the challenge. I have a vast variety of recipes within the book, and some are easy and a little more challenging. All my life has been involved in music as a violinist and a conductor of symphony orchestras in which I have played and conducted all around the world. As part of a fundraising, I have done many five-course gourmet dinners for symphony orchestras, like Edmonton symphony, the Vancouver symphony orchestra, also the Vancouver Island symphony, just to mention a few. I have created over forty-five of those types of dinners. You will find ways also to create your own combinations to suit your own taste. HAVE FUN COOKING!

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