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Lavender & Butterflies

Inspired by the Butterfly Nation, a Short Story by David A. Cox.

Mandy Fason

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Theater, Ballett


Lavender daydreams of being a ballet dancer. She works very hard to become part of the Butterfly Nation Ballet Company. The Butterfly Nation Ballet is a futuristic presentation when planets are left to their own living energy. Elixitines are butterfly people in search of a safe haven because their planet Elixitine becomes inhabitable. They have traveled through space to take refuge on Earth during an elliptical revolution. They are a kind, intelligent, hardworking, and peaceful people. Feeling threatened by these different creatures with beautiful, colorful wings, a jealous, cruel wasp named Crushel tries to invade and destroy their new home. But one brave wasp girl finds a way to warn the butterfly nation and defends them from the attack with the help of the spider people. Peace and balance is restored. They all live in harmony and happily ever after. Lavender continues to daydream, and her adventure is just beginning.

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ballet, performing arts, ballerina, dance