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The Age of Prophecy

Vol I

Abdur R. Mohammed

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


In a contemporary world, three civilizations trace their history to humanity’s ancient progenitors from the stars. These forefathers shall return at the end of this age, ushering in a period of prosperity if peace exists; if war is rampant, then humanity will face annihilation. The empire of Atlantis spans most of the globe. Geopolitical instability within the kingdoms of Illyria is being encouraged by unknown forces. War is on the horizon amidst prophecy unfolding. A coveted artifact emerges, starting a race to acquire its secrets and the location of the forefathers. A soldier stumbles into the growing conflict, diminishing a much-desired life of gambling, drinking, and wenching. He is joined by a thief, a mercenary, a holy man, and a mysterious figure with an ancient bloodline. Together, they set upon the path left by the mighty Thoth, which will lead them to the secrets of the ancients. Fight the future.

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Chrocnicles Of Atlantis, Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy, The Age of Prophecy