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The Shepherdess

A Book for Pastor's and Minister's Wives

Dr. John Thomas Wylie

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Her work is one important work in the ministry of her husband who God called out from the called out ones. Her contributions to her husband’s effectiveness cannot be overestimated. Many times congregations expect a minister to produce effectively in a spiritual manner but overlook the efforts of his wife who is supportive of the work of their pastors or ministers. It would do us well to recognize the first lady, or the minister’s or pastor’s wife, as an effective tool God has placed in the presence of the people her husband pastors or ministers. I ask myself, Who can find a virtuous woman? Look at the minister’s, preacher’s, or pastor’s wife who so diligently works alongside her husband as God intends and in her own spiritual authentic character. A minister’s wife? Yes, indeed! One of the highest privileges and rarest opportunities ever afforded God any women. No investigation of shepherd would be finished without a part on the shepherdess. The significance of her commitment to her better half's adequacy can't be overestimated. It is my expectation that each minister, pastor, or forthcoming minister will make this material required perusing for his helpmate. For exceptionally clear reasons, I am putting the pen into the hand of my significant other. Those women who are spouses of pastors and ministers ought to likewise benefit profoundly from this reading. My significant other is the queen of our parsonage and is dealt with all things considered with all due respect that she is. Again, she knows the charm and beauty of love, sincerity, goodness, and purity. She realizes the true meaning of loveliness as the reflection, as her life of holy living gives new meaning, hope, and purpose to that of her husband and her children. Others may say, “Behold the handmaiden of the Lord.”



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