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Time Benders

The Machine

JB Yanni

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Come inside and meet the Fitzgerald’s. Ken is finishing high school; he is athletic, popular and plays football, but is burdened with the sudden responsibility of caring for his three younger siblings. Deb is in her junior year of high school and prefers books and the library to socializing. She is drawn to history and archaeology and hoping to find her way in this new place. Joe is racked with sorrow over his parent’s deaths and determined to find a way to either get them back or make them proud. Kim, the youngest, is only ten years old and just trying to make new friends and keep close to her sister and brothers. When Joe finds an elaborate math problem and solves it with the help of the reclusive caretaker, Mr. Brewster, the four kids devise a plan to travel through time, change history and impact their parents’ lives in the hopes of stopping the terrible accident that brought them to boarding school. Along the way they face looming spiritual questions, while finding their way toward closeness and a path through their grief.

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Science Fiction, Time Benders