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In the Shadow of the Nite . . .

Mr. B. Threat

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


In the midst of the nighttime air, you could feel the wind swirling around you with a chill that would dig into your bones. The middle of November was dark, eerie, and you would never know what would happen in this town. The streets were creepy, corroded, and filthy with bums, pimps, prostitutes, bars, fights, and gunshots and sometimes even drug deals. Patty Diamond worked in a strip club seven days a week. She was well shaped, strong-willed, and good-looking, with a dark side but very down-to-earth. Patty had just moved to the village and was working regularly. No kids, no family, just a rolling stone who enjoyed having a nice time until she was uptight, then it all began.

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Mr. B. Threat, fiction thrillers, In The Shadow Of The Nite.., Byron Threat, adventure, fiction