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Everyone Has a Story

Marian Harris

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


In June 2011, Marian Harris shared her life story with us in her first book, The 19 Cent Millionaire. One constant Marian has experienced since then is that EVERYONE HAS A STORY! And, miraculously, through every story, there can be a lesson learned and a silver lining uncovered, if you just look closely enough. To Marian, this is the beauty of life and the importance of community. While Marian firmly believes we must all take personal responsibility to nurture our own health and well-being, she feels it is equally important to invest in, and give love and encouragement to others to create a successful community of like-minded individuals. Each person intent on reaching their own goals, but continually lifting others up along the way. The people in this book have done just that and it is Marian’s hope their stories will inspire and motivate you to dream BIG and to never give up or give in. There is strength in numbers and while the journey to your goals may not be easy, it will be worth it, and, a whole lot more fun if done together.

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biography, strenght, experience, dream, self help