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Westen Adventures

Battle of the Red Hands

Nicholas J. Godfrey

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


The magic of the Wild West meets the magic of Epic Fantasy in this gun-toting, spell-wielding adventure across the Realm of Westen with human gunslinger Gavil Rose and his snow elf counterpart Feather… Rumor is a hoard of magic-enabling mana crystals has been discovered in the north. Enough to turn five stable boys into five kings. Gavil and Feather are hired by the Lord of Dustbowl to protect his prospectors on their journey to the hoard site. The treacherous expedition forces the two gunslingers into a fierce battle with the notorious Red Hands and their leader Shotgun Wizard across miles of field, wood, and marsh… And although facing rebel gangs may be business as usual for the two riders, nothing has ever quite prepared them for the dragon waiting on the other side. WESTEN is a fun, humorous adventure in a world full of bullets and spells, cannon fire and fireballs, and dwarves, orcs, elves, and humans all blasting their way to fortune, glory, and power using tools as ancient as runes and new weapons as vicious as revolvers.



Weird West, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Western