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Schizophrenic’S Story

Oskars Rancevs

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


While writing this story, I will be as truthful and honest as possible in describing my thoughts and actions immediately prior to being admitted to the hospital. It was at this time that I completely lost all sense of reality and started to live in the world of my thoughts, where I create my own reality. I will include notes from hospitals, so-called epicrisis (a critical or analytical summing up especially of a medical case history), and comments from friends and relatives. It all began in January 2006, ten years ago. At that point, I had successfully finished my education at Riga City Pavnieku Gymnasium and was studying political science at the University of Latvia. After the first year in university, I had the opportunity to go to Denmark and study European democracy and politics at Folkehojskole. As the programme was relevant to my studies at university, my tutors agreed, and I would be able to continue in my group when I returned. I thought I was going to continue with my coursework from Latvia while in Denmark, but I realised that they were two different, unrelated courses. Returning to Latvia, I soon realised I was not ready to take the ongoing examinations; and although my group mate had regularly sent me course notes, I did not bother to study or pay attention. I remember very clearly that day when I had to go to university, but I chose the easiest option and stayed at home. I thought I could take a year out from university, relax, enjoy my life, and teach children dancing. Unfortunately, this did not happen.

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