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If I Was a Toy

The Trilogy

Sarah Smith

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Welcome to Sallys world, where the impossible becomes possible. Where imagination has no boundaries. Travel with her and her friends through countless journeys from the Amazon rain forest to the end of the universe with fun, laughter, a tinge of sadness and learn along the way. Witness Sallys transformation into a lion with an attitude, her doll Sarah transforms into a bird as mad as a March hare. A cross dressing frog Trichobatrachus and his long -suffering Brother Robusius. They begin their adventure to find a name for a little elephant as only Parents together can name their babies, and with her Mother Rebecca Alice Pompadour Numpty by her side off they go into the great unknown. You will meet a crocodile called Gum Drop with a bad case of halitosis, a heart as big as the sun, with a philosophy in life to smile, think, give, laugh, love, dream and not to look back as he wasnt going that way. A family of giraffes that will have you laughing you socks off, but that is okeydokey as a very big pink hairy yak called Zak likes to wear a pretty one. Follow these animals and more and build up a kaleidoscope of wonderful colours and memories, to enjoy whenever you wish.

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