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Wapwony Acoli: Let’S Learn Acoli

Dr. Mollynn Mugisha-Otim

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Schule und Lernen / Schulbücher Allgemeinbildende Schulen


This book was born from a deep desire to learn a language that is so fascinating. The buzz of daily life coupled with expatriation and living abroad means that I dont get adequate time for focused input to allow facilitated learning. I love reading and have passed this passion for books to my children. It is my desire to make reading resources available to use together with my kids but also for those interested in learning or teaching the language to their children. This book introduces the children to common items in everyday scenarios that they are likely to encounter. I hope that it will stimulate parents to use in their interactions with children as they learn this exciting new language. The word pwonya means teach me. It expresses a desire to learn, and every student needs a teacher. Wapwony Acoli: Lets Learn Acoli is the first of the mother tongue series of books and resources to facilitate the learning of some mother tongue languages of interest. I hope that you will enjoy reading it to your children, playing with and using all the words and expressions daily to help increase confidence in learning and speaking the Acoli language.



Learn, Luo, Acholi