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Six Tales of Darkness and Nightmare

C. William Giles

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Belletristik / Fantasy


Blue Jacob has dark and violent urges. He is frightened that something evil is living in his head. He may be right and must be careful because that darkness has teeth. Charlotte A prisoner locked away from the world, she wakes with no memory of what went before. Charlotte has a blood-soaked secret that she is yet to learn. Reflections in a Cold Dark Lake A murderer disposes of the corpse of his latest prey, but something is about to change in his life. A victim wants revenge and she will use a part of him to get it. Harvest Imagine opening your eyes to find yourself strapped to a table. Eric Blackman did just that. Masked figures come and go silently. The madness and torment is only the beginning. Welcome to Evagrad A young Englishman has the potential opportunity of a lifetime. He’s persuaded by his grandfather to spend his gap year in Russia so he can claim his ancestor’s legacy. But it could cost him everything. Heaven or Hell or . . . Two beings meet again after many years, but ultimately, it is for business—the dark business of someone’s floating soul. Infernal or Celestial? There is a decision to be made.

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Darkness, Nightmare, Horror