Wildest Hunt

True Stories of Game Wardens and Poachers

Randy Nelson

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A lively collection of wilder-than-fiction poaching stories from across Canada and the US, including insights from investigating officers involved in real poaching situations. Get ready to read some of the wildest true crime imaginable. Showcasing fish and wildlife poaching stories from every province and territory in Canada and every state in the United States, decorated fishery officer Randy Nelson offers a thrilling look into a dangerous industry.With insights gathered through thousands of phone calls and emails to investigating officers, The Wildest Hunt collects over one hundred North American fish and wildlife officers' stories, with tales ranging from absolutely disgusting to hysterically hilarious. Nelson takes readers across North America, from busting turtle-trafficking rings in Oklahoma to collecting a 4.5-metre beluga whale from a bus in Saskatchewan.Nelson's entertaining stories also shed light on the important work of fish and wildlife officers, and the often messy, sometimes dangerous situations they must face, as well as how important the public can be in solving wildlife crime.

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