Time Traveller's Handbook

A Guide to the Past

Althea Douglas

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Sachbuch / Lexika, Nachschlagewerke


Do you know how long it took to sail across the Atlantic Ocean? Was it faster from east to west or west to east? Imagine sailing to India, a five-month trip around the Cape of Good Hope! No wonder late Victorians valued the steamship and the Suez Canal. What difference did the inventions of the telephone or steam engine make to our ancestors lives? Do you know what a rod or a chain is and what they measured?

Time Travellers Handbook considers documents and how to look at papers and artifacts that have survived over the years, as well as those family legends and mythinformation handed down by word of mouth. This sort of information can be found on the Internet somewhere but the researcher can waste a lot of time hunting for it. In an entertaining yet useful manner, Time Travellers Handbook brings together for family historians a lot of facts our ancestors once knew, took for granted, and used regularly.

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inflation, lighting (oil, gas, electric), marriage, money, mourning, navy, notaries, occupations, peerage, periodicals, power (wind, horse, steam), radio, running water, signals, speed (of travel), sterling (pre-decimal), tall ships, technology, television, trades, traditions, travel, weights and measures, Jane Austen, Fanny Burney, Geoffrey Chaucer, Thomas Edison, Dr. Samuel Johnson, Althea Douglas, non-fiction, aboriginal ancestry, appliances, army, canals, citizenship, cost of living, curency, dates (of historical events), documents, families, food (slow and fast), handwriting, history, honours and titles, housing, imperial measure, industrial revolution, infant mortality