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Meeting Common Core Technology Standards

Strategies for Grades 9-12

Valerie Morrison, Stephanie Novak

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Have you ever wished you had an instructional coach at your side to help align your curriculum with the tech-related indicators found in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)? You’re not alone. Nearly all U.S. states have adopted Common Core, and teachers across the country are redesigning their lessons to meet the standards, including the edtech component.   In this book (the fourth in a four-book series), you’ll learn how to shift your instructional practice and integrate technology standards found within Common Core into high school curriculum.  This book: addresses issues that digital age students face and examines the importance of tailoring their learning experiences using technology; discusses technology needed to teach CCSS and shows how to address roadblocks to incorporating technology; explains how the CCSS are organized and offers a deep dive into the standards specific to grades 9-12; includes classroom-tested lesson ideas mapped to tech-related CCSS and ISTE Standards; and shares resources (apps, software and websites) that can be used in meeting CCSS. 

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