Applying Quality Management in Healthcare

Patrice Spath

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Allgemeines


Student Resources (click here for access) Instructor Resources: Test bank, PowerPoint slides, teaching tips, web links, and answers to exercises and practice labs in the textbook. Stakeholders at all levels of a healthcare system have a vested interest in improving quality and safety. Managers play instrumental roles in creating and delivering high-quality services but many frontline clinical and administrative staff members are also involved, directly or indirectly, in shaping patient care systems and designing safer, more efficient processes. Applying Quality Management in Healthcare explores the principles of quality management and provides a variety of practical tools for real-world improvement and problem solving. Unlike many healthcare quality management guides, this book focuses on the systems that form the foundation of a high-quality health services organization. Readers learn which management practices are essential to advancing performance goals, making long-lasting process improvements, and providing the operational systems and tools needed for success. This edition features new and enhanced material, including the following: Expanded content on quality tools, improvement models, project teams, and patient safety Strategies for reporting and analyzing data to evaluate performance, from contributor Naveen Kumar, PhD Broader coverage of key foundational principles Case studies illustrating what is required of health services organizations to set the stage for success The nuts and bolts of achieving improved patient safety and quality results in complex systems In addition, the book provides guidance on managing improvement projects, fostering collaboration, providing a supportive environment for performance improvement, and becoming a high-reliability organization. Concepts are robustly supported by real-life examples, end-of-chapter exercises, and a series of practice labs.

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