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Who's That With Charlie?

Lessons Learned and Friends I've Made Along the Way

Charles S. Mechem

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from Introduction by Neil Armstrong:

Charlie Mechem's interests and his background prepared him well for an unusually broad career in law, business, professional sports, and acting as a consultant and advisor to a number of individuals and businesses.

For instance, as CEO of the Taft Broadcasting Company, Charlie often held the annual meeting of shareholders at an auditorium inside Taft's Kings Island theme park near Cincinnati, Ohio. Shareholders, along with their invitation to the meeting that arrived in the mail, would receive a ticket to enter the theme park with its many thrill rides and other entertaining attractions. A few people bought one share of the company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, just to get the free ticket to the park.

Taft was an entertainment company, and the meeting of shareholders was an opportunity to showcase their talents. Charlie's dynamic speeches, together with music, video, and the help of Yogi Bear and Fred Flintstone, dazzled the shareholder audience.

Charlie is a speaker with a touch of genius. At one unusual meeting of senior management and the board of directors where, due to a combination of corporate setbacks and uncertainty, the mood was somber and the faces long. Charlie gave the opening address, spoke candidly and humorously about the challenges faced, turned up the tempo, congratulated all on their great work and the bright future ahead. By the time he finished, the entire gathering was standing and cheering like their team had just won the World Series.

In this book you will find much of the magical character of Charlie Mechem through his recollections of a wide variety of individuals and many of the "life lessons" which he learned from them. These people and these experiences became a significant part of Charlie's life and have become etched indelibly into his memory.