Ever After

A Novel

Edwardo Jackson

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


After he and Jasmine have spent more than two years together, Nick is certain the time has come to settle down; hes never been so in love before, and Jasmine is everything he could ever hope for in a woman. As he sets the stage with a romantic weekend in an exquisite log cabin nestled in the Vermont wilderness, Nick pops the question, to which Jasmine replies, I have to think about it.When she turns him down, Nick is shattered. Heartbroken, he moves to Chicago for a new job and a new start. Determined to put his experience with Jasmine behind him, Nick takes the advice of his best friend, Malloy, and sets out to drown his sorrows in fine female companionship. After dating women from his gym (Asanti), his classes (Angelica), and clubs (Tamara), Nick finds himself more depressed by the superficiality of the relationships and no closer to erasing Jas-mines memory. Nick is equally disappointed with his workhis job at the bank is uninspiringand the best parts of his week are the acting classes he signed up for on a whim. When old college friends invite him down to Atlanta for Freaknik, Nick is ready to let loose and enjoy the wild and sometimes scandalous spring-break activities. His interest is further piqued when he learns that Jasmine has relocated to Atlanta. Ultimately, Nick must decide whether he wants to re-create what he had with Jasmine or move on with his life. Without Jasmine, can Nick live happily ever after?Nicks Six Cardinal Rules of DatingNo. 1: Never date someone from a health club. Health club relationships are doomed from the start. Their whole premise relies upon physical attraction, a foundation with all the durability of rice paper.No. 2: Never date someone with whom you work. That is a no-brainer.No. 3: Never date someone from class. If all goes sour, youre stuck seeing a pissed-off face mean-mugging you for the rest of the quarter. No. 4: Never let an ex back into your life. Exes only exist to stir up long-settled emotions and to confuse you. And they do.No. 5: Never date a neighbor. If all hell breaks loose, you cant get rid of your neighbor . . . legally.No. 6: Never date a married woman. Its just plain wrong.

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