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Fieldwork Handbook

A practical guide on the go

Marika Vertzonis

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Technik


Make your work in the field more efficient and productive with the how-to of location intelligence.

A biologist in a rain forest making observations on indigenous frogs, an engineer maintaining utility equipment, or a citizen scientist taking water samples from a creek are all doing fieldwork. Their work is anchored by location. No matter what electronic tools they take into the field, they all take a notebook or a guidebook. As you head into the field along with all your equipment, be sure to include this practical fieldwork guide.

Fieldwork Handbook gives you tips, best practices, and activities that make your work in the field more productive and successful. No matter how you use location intelligence in the field, you can up your game with this book and improve your experience. Covering preparation, equipment, workflows, and data, this book will teach you how to

  • Organize and reconcile field data
  • Effectively coordinate and dispatch field resources
  • Refine fieldwork workflows
  • Sync the office with the field

Author and Esri product engineer Marika Vertzonis learned about geospatial technology in the field, and she knows what you need to know. This handbook is your friend in the field.

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data validation, data collection, field inspection, field apps, mobile apps, location, field notes, mapping, citizen science