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More Poachers Caught!

Further Adventures of a Northwoods Game Warden

Tom Chapin

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Ratgeber / Sport


More stories, more action, more foolhardy hunting and fishing poachers!

Tom Chapin served as a Minnesota Game Warden for 29 years, a job that was far more perilous and thrilling than most people would ever expect. He was cussed at, chased, shot at, and nearly run over. More Poachers Caught! is the follow-up to Tom’s widely popular first book. It collects 30 new stories from throughout Tom’s career and from a few of Tom’s friends. Dangerous, spontaneous, and sometimes comedic, these true adventures bring readers face to face with the problem of poaching. They are tales of greed, selfishness, and hope. The short stories tell of some of the most memorable poachers who were ever caught by a Northwoods Game Warden—and some who got away. Hunters, anglers, and outdoors enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy this fascinating book.

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