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Waterfalls of Michigan

A Guide to More Than 130 Waterfalls in the Great Lakes State

Greg Kretovic

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Find Your Way to Michigan’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls

Waterfalls create a feeling of serenity, a sense of restrained power. Their grandeur takes our breath away. Their gentle sounds complement periods of meditation. Let professional photographer and Michigan native Greg Kretovic guide you to the top-ranked waterfalls in the state. Your bucket list should include these gorgeous locales that decorate Michigan’s landscape.

The waterfalls are organized geographically and ranked by beauty. Entries include all the information you need, like directions, distance, and hike difficulty, as well as details about each waterfall, such as height, width, and the best time of year to visit. Not-to-miss sights and nearby activities are also called out, so you can make the most of every outing. Plus, Greg’s incomparable photography makes this guidebook worthy of any coffee table.

From the Porcupine Mountains area and its many impressive waterfalls to the most famous falls in the state—Tahquamenon Falls—experience them all with this wonderful guidebook. These natural wonders prove that the Great Lake State is home to some of the most picturesque sites in America!



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