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Rock Collecting for Kids

An Introduction to Geology

Dan R. Lynch

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Sachbücher / Sachbilderbücher


Rock collecting is simple and fun with this children’s book that includes an introduction to geology, an identification guide to rocks and minerals, and a “how to” section.

Nature’s treasures are just beneath our feet, waiting to be discovered. With this book, you’ll experience the excitement of finding, collecting, and identifying rocks and minerals. Dan R. Lynch, author of many Rocks & Minerals field guides, presents a children’s introduction to our amazing Earth.

The book begins with geology basics, such as where rocks come from and how Earth’s surface changes over time. Next, young readers are provided with an identification guide, which features full-color photographs and ID tips on 75 types of common and collectible rocks and minerals. From there, a “how to” section includes details on what to look for, where to look, and what to bring, as well as safety considerations. With rock collecting guidelines that the whole family will learn from and enjoy, this fun guide is engaging and informative.

Inside You’ll Find

  • “How to” section, including details on what to look for and where to look
  • Geology basics, such as where rocks come from and how Earth’s surface changes over time
  • Identification guide to 75 common and collectible rocks & minerals
  • Full-color photographs and ID tips

With plenty of kid-appeal, Rock Collecting for Kids starts children on a path toward becoming successful rock collectors!



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