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On a Stick Cookbook

50 Simple, Fun Recipes for the Campfire

Julia Rutland

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Make Cooking Even More Fun and Delicious

If you’ve ever been camping—or sampled the cuisine at your local fair—then you know that food is best when served on a stick! Corn dogs, chicken skewers, and roasted marshmallows spring to mind, but the possibilities are endless. You can create and serve anything from bacon-wrapped mozzarella to fajitas to chocolate-strawberry waffle balls without need for a plate or utensils. On a Stick Cookbook, by Julia Rutland, features 50 recipes to please any fan of flamed foods. The author is a professional writer, recipe developer, recipe tester, food stylist, and television/media demonstrator, so you can be certain that every recipe is a crowd-pleaser! With this simple and quirky cookbook as your guide, you’ll gather family and friends around the fire and have as much fun preparing the meal as you will eating it! On a Stick Cookbook is exactly what you need to turn your next camping trip or backyard barbecue into a festival of fun! Plus, it’s low price makes it easy to send your guests home with a copy of their own.

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