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Little Washington

A Nostalgic Look at the Evergreen State's Smallest Towns

Nicole Hardina

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


Washington’s Small Towns Have Great Stories.

Little Washington presents 100 of the state’s tiniest towns. With populations under 3,500, these charming and unique locations dot the entire state—from Neah Bay along the Northwest coast to LaCrosse, a farming community in the eastern county of Whitman. With full-color photographs, fun facts, and fascinating details about every locale, it’s almost as if you’re walking down Main Street, waving hello to folks who know all of their neighbors.

The selected locations help readers to appreciate the broader history of small-town life in Washington. Yet each featured town boasts a distinct narrative, as unique as the citizens who call these places home. These residents are innovators, hard workers, and—most of all—good people. The locations range from quaint to historic, and they wonderfully represent the Evergreen State. Little Washington, written by Nicole Hardina, is for anyone who grew up in a small town and for everyone who takes pride in being called a Washingtonian. They may be small towns, but they have huge character!



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