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Foraging Southern California

118 Nutritious, Tasty, and Abundant Foods

Douglas Kent

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Your Field Guide to Foraging for Wild Edibles: What, Where, and When to Look

Foraging for food is an engaging and beneficial pastime that anyone can enjoy. It inspires connections to the land and can help to improve your health. Plus, many target plants for foragers are non-native, so the activity can support—if not improve—biological diversity and ecological well-being. Foraging Southern California introduces you to plentiful and delicious foods, from berries and fruits to roots, seeds, and even tasty aquatic options, like kelp and crayfish.

Expert forager Douglas Kent shares his decades of experience in this handy guide that’s perfect for beginners and intermediates. Learn what to look for, as well as when and where to look. Key identification features, written instructions, and full-color photographs help you to comfortably and confidently know that you’re harvesting the right species. A compare section provides information on dangerous look-alikes, helping to ensure your foraging success and personal health. The “Top 10 Edibles” section provides a starting point for beginners, and species throughout the book are organized by harvestable quality, which quickly leads to the relevant information for your own foraging needs.

Foraging must be done with knowledge and consideration. Foraging Southern California provides information that can benefit you and the environment. Grab the book, get outside, and enjoy nature’s bounty.

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