Author Masterminds

Collection from a Clutch of Creative, Canny, and Compelling Authors

Author Masterminds

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Author Masterminds, a refreshing eclectic collection of the musings and insights of a group of superb published authors, gives the reader a kaleidoscopic look into the thinking of very bright, insightful, and sometimes whacky writers. Within these covers you'll find deeply perplexing ideas, creative and zany inspirations, arguments, and different ways of viewing the world from what you might think apparent. Author Masterminds' authors think, react, and create; catch a glimpse of what goes on in their dynamic minds. Author Masterminds is a potpourri of everything from Christian horror to impossible crime; forensics to murder mystery; and sled dogs to political thrillers. From The Tale of Grady Dellaneaux to A Feather in Your Heart there is something for every reader's taste. And then there's: Dad Was A Democrat, Do You Think I'm Crazy?, It's Best To Park Your Car Above The High Tide Mark, Mrs. Zucherberg, The Matter of Timber Trickery, The Time Travel App, and much more.

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