Alpha Girls

Understanding the New American Girl and How She Is Changing the World

Dan Kindlon

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" A must-have for anyone looking to understand the upcoming generation's driven, confident, and successful females."—Publishers Weekly
There's a new type of teenage girl growing up in America today and she is going to have a profound and beneficial influence on society. That's the conclusion of Dr. Dan Kindlon, widely respected child and adolescent psychologist.
In Alpha Girls, the best-selling coauthor of Raising Cain, which is hailed for its insights into the psyche of boys, breaks new ground with his startling picture of today's American girl—independent, self-confident, highly motivated . . . and fundamentally different from previous generations.
Part of the first generation that is reaping the full benefits of the women's movement, today's American girl is maturing with a new sense of possibility and psychological emancipation. Backing his findings with painstaking research, including questionnaires, profiles, and detailed case studies, Dr. Kindlon offers an in-depth portrait of the alpha girl, a born leader who is ready to explode into adulthood and make her mark on the world and, by her example, serve as an inspiration for women everywhere.
"A very insightful and groundbreaking work, blowing modern conceptions of girls out of the water."—

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