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Faking Reality

Zaria Garrison

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Julian Washington, owner of The Washington Broadcasting Network, is making an obscene amount of money—but he wants more. Anderson Carter, his hot-shot producer, convinces him that reality TV shows are quickly becoming one of America's favorite pastimes, and if Julian produces Revelations, a new reality show based on the lives of four prominent Atlanta pastors and their families, it will catapult his new network to major success.

Reverend Brandon Kitts, Evangelist Danita Hyatt, Apostle Zack (Bo) Morton, and Bishop Jimmy Snow sign on to allow the cameras to follow them inside the pulpit and in their private lives as the stars of this exciting, new show. As the cameras roll, the ministers each face individual struggles with secrets, expectations, and their own personal revelations. Each one discovers that they must seek diligently to find God's truth in the midst of the lies of reality television.

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Zaria Garrison
Zaria Garrison
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