Basic Skills Caucasian Americans Workbook

Beverly Hope Slapin

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Belletristik / Humor, Satire, Kabarett


The world of the Caucasian Americans comes alive through history lessons, puzzles, and word games for all ages. The history, material culture, mores, and lifeways of the people now collectively known as the “Caucasian Americans” have often been discussed but rarely comprehended. Until now. This revised edition of Basic Skills Caucasian Americans Workbook provides young readers with accurate accounts of the lives of the Caucasian Americans, who long ago roamed our land. Caucasians are as much a part of American life as they were one hundred years ago. Even in times past, Caucasians were not all the same. Not all of them lived in gated communities or drove SUVs. They were not all techie geeks or power-hungry bankers. Some were hostile, but many were friendly.

It is important for young people to study our Caucasian American forebears in order to learn how they enriched the heritage and history of the world. We hope that the youngsters who read these pages will realize the role that Caucasian Americans played in shaping the United States, and in making the world the remarkable place that it is today.

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satire, workbook, poltical humor