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Modern Faux Flower Projects

Fresh, Stylish Arrangements and Home Decor with Silk Florals and Faux Greenery

Stevie Storck

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Flowers breathe fresh air into our home décor, but constantly replacing and maintaining fresh flowers can be expensive and tricky. With today’s faux florals becoming more realistic than ever, you can make lovely, long-lasting home décor with silk flowers! Learn how to create beautiful flower arrangements, wreaths, garlands, wall hangings, tabletop centerpieces, and other innovative projects using faux flowers that fresh flowers can’t accomplish. Arranged by spring, summer, autumn, and winter DIY creations, this book also includes step-by-step instructions, helpful design, color scheme, texture, technique, and composition tips, and beautifully staged in-home photography to help you see all the possibilities and let your creativity bloom year-round! Written by an interior designer based out of York, Pennsylvania, author Stevie Storck has been featured in the Huffington PostSusquehanna StyleLancaster Online, and Houzz. In this book, she provides her expertise and passion for making good design simple so you can take advantage of silk flowers’ longevity and create stunning home décor!



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