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Pyrography Special Edition

25 Skill-Building Projects & Patterns featuring Burning for Beginners

Editors of Pyrography Magazine (Hrsg.)

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Whether you’ve been woodburning for years or are picking up a pen for the first time, Pyrography provides endless inspiration for artists of every skill level! Featuring 25 step-by-step woodburning projects to build your skills, also included are technique lessons, advice and practice exercises for beginners, full-size pyrography patterns, artist profiles, product reviews, safety and cleaning tips, and so much more! With leading pyrography experts and artists as your guide – including Lora S. Irish, Jo Schwartz, Michele Y. Parsons, Simon Easton, and others – beginners will build a solid foundation to start on while more experienced woodburners will learn how to create realistic textures like a pro. From burning a dynamic steam engine train and personalized pet photos to making a dream catcher clock, realistic mountain lion portrait, castle cookie jar, and several other exciting projects, this jam-packed guide is sure to turn up the heat on your pyrography skillset!



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