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Stalked: The Boy Who Said No

A True-Life Novel

Patti Sheehy

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Patti Sheehy continues Frank Mederos's true-life story of romance, suspense, and intrigue in The Boy Who Said No: An Escape to Freedom.  After defecting from Cuba's Special Forces and making a harrowing escape from his homeland, Frank faces new challenges in America.   With five dollars in his pocket and a boatload of determination, he rejects an offer to join the CIA and takes his chances on achieving the American dream.  Frank and his sweetheart, Magda, want nothing more than marriage, children, and a nice life for themselves.  Frank dreams of celebrating milestone anniversaries with Magda, but his dreams are dashed.   Instead, the couple faces a challenge neither of them could ever imagine.  Meanwhile, sinister forces in Cuba plan to avenge Frank's escape.   Can Frank outwit Cuban operatives bent on killing him?  Will he again overcome the forces of evil?  A tale of tender love, devastating loss, and the life-saving power of friendship.

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Thriller, Union City, CIA, Lincoln Park, Newark, Alpha Sixty Six, shootout, Hodgkin's disease, Cuba, Cuban defector, assassination, NJ, Immigrant, Miami, Spies, Castro, New Jersey, Patriotism, Foreign operatives, Cuban, Romance, Friendship