Gumshoe for Two

Mortimer Angel Series, Book 2

Rob Leininger

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


USA Today best-selling author

"Smart, sexy, and un-put-downable." —John Lescroart

In the style of Dashiell Hammett, ex-IRS agent turned gumshoe-in-training, Mortimer Angel, is approached by a beautiful hooker, Holiday, in a casino bar in Reno. Mort first met Holiday two months ago, but now learns that she's not really a hooker. She's a college engineering student, searching for her younger sister, Allie, who disappeared three months ago. Having seen Mort in the news, Holiday knows he's a PI who finds missing persons. While in the bar with Mort, Holiday gets an unexpected phone call from Allie, who says she's in Gerlach, a small town in Nevada. The call is cut off. Holiday hires Mort on the spot, dragging him off to Gerlach. When Mort finds a connection between Allie and US Senator Harry "Liar" Reinhart, a presidential candidate who vanished without a trace three days ago, things quickly turn deadly ... very deadly.

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Rob Leininger
Rob Leininger



Nevada, sensual, deadly, criminal investigation, romance, sexy, police, criminal mind, justifiable homicide, black humor, humorous, female weightlifting, guilt, justice, FedEx packages, heartbreak, conspiracy, crime, engineering student, sexual hang-ups, noir, presidential candidate, families, U.S. senator, evil, violence, Gerlach, missing person, political, abduction, relationships, funny, Reno, loyalty, corrupt, private investigator, trust, criminal, gritty, gruesome, hooker, IRS