Secrets of Successful Speech Making For the First-Time Presenter

Make a Speech

Scott Topper

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Gain a competitive edge and become a better public speaker!You can achieve your goal of becoming a better presenter by learning powerful public-speaking techniques and visualizations, and by practicing positive affirmations. This book contains highly effective speech making tips and secrets. "e;The Secrets of Successful Speech Making For the First-Time Presenter"e; is ideal for group training, as well as for individuals who want to develop their public-speaking skills. Your thoughts lead to images through visualization. Your images become action. Your actions then become your new public-speaking reality. Know the purpose of your speech and communicate your message with enthusiasm and passion. This book definitively answers the universal question, "e;How do I overcome my fear of public-speaking?"e; IMproSolutions helps you learn to deal with your fears directly by empowering you with the right tools so you can feel secure in front of an audience. Topics include discovering your inner public voice, harmonizing your mind and body to uncover your passion, knowing your stuff but speaking to your audience, selecting and organizing content to achieve your purpose, and engaging your audience through your performance. Great for students, professionals, and business people!

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