Keeping Body and Mind Together--Part One

Kathleen Haden

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About The Book

"As we grow we change. All living things are blessed (or cursed - depending on your viewpoint) with this characteristic.

I look on in awe as the rose bush I so lovingly planted gets new buds and grows bit by bit into a beautifully scented centre-piece. As time passes it's important that I prune the rose otherwise the growth and well being of the plant could be compromised.

Are we any different from that rose?"

Keeping Body and Mind Together" is a collection of beautifully written pieces by Kathleen Haden designed to inspire balance in your life. Drawing from her own experiences as a mother and daughter as well as a background treating sufferers of ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other conditions, Kathleen's words will encourage mindfulness and harmony in your everyday routine.

Keeping Body and Mind Together: Due for release February 2011

Words and pictures by Kathleen Haden

Edited and designed by Emily Bryant

© Kathleen Haden Reverse Therapy

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