Pediatric Asthma: A Clinical Support Chart

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

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This convenient reference provides clinicians with point-of-care guidance on the assessment and treatment of chronic and acute asthma in infants, toddlers, school-aged children, and young adults.This quick reference is perfect to have on hand during evaluation and diagnosis, determination of a treatment course, and communication with patients and parents about asthma triggers, management strategies, a customized treatment plan, and follow-ups.It includes current approaches to asthma diagnosis and management, office pulmonary testing, clinical index tools, stepped approaches to treatment by age, maintenance and control, exacerbations, medication guidance with updated recommendations, and much more.CONTENTS INCLUDEApproach to EvaluationDiagnosisOffice Pulmonary Function TestingExacerbation AssessmentRespiratory Scoring ToolsClassifying Severity by AgeIntervention OverviewNIH/NHLBI Stepwise Approaches to ManagementFeNO: NIH/NHLBI RecommendationsGINA Stepped Approaches to TreatmentMaintenance and ControlSABAsInhaled CorticosteroidsLABAs and LTRAsInhaled Anticholinergic AgentsSystemic CorticosteroidsAnti-immunoglobulin E TherapyOther BiologicsTrigger ManagementExercise-Induced BronchoconstrictionAsthma Control TestTobacco Use/Vaping and AsthmaGet Valid Spirometry Results Every Time

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