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Signature for Success

How to Analyze Handwriting and Improve Your Career, Your Relationships, and Your Life

Arlyn Imberman

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In Signature for Success, New Updated Edition, Arlyn J. Imberman shares her handwriting-analysis techniques to help you better understand yourself, your coworkers, and your friends and family, thus improving your relationships.
The way people form letters, the size of their script, the pressure they put on the page, the speed of their writing, the space between their words, their fluidity, legibility, stroke, and slant all are keys to their inner workings. Imberman shares intriguing tricks of the trade: the six personality types of handwriting, how to read a handwriting sample, how to improve compatibility in romantic, business, and family relationships, how to recognize the dark side of people, and how to make better choices when hiring day-care workers, doctors, housekeepers, and others.
Signature for Success also includes handwriting samples and assessments of famous, infamous, and everyday people. You'll be able to practice handwriting analysis and will learn how to better understand your own handwriting style and the styles of those around you.

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