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Grief Sucks ... But Love Bears All Things

How Grief Tore Me Apart and Put Me Back Together

Gayle Taylor Davis

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Gayle Taylor Davis had it all — a husband she adored, two successful daughters, and a career she enjoyed. Then one phone call took it all away, when a policeman called to tell her that her husband of 32 years had suddenly died of a heart attack. Plunged into the strange new world of grief, Davis began to write to make sense of her experience.

“Grief Sucks: But Love Bears All Things” is Davis’s personal account of how she climbed out of grief, step by painful step — a no-holds-barred look at personal pain that is rarely shared or talked about. Davis reveals the worst moments of her grief — days of tears, nights of wailing, and thoughts of suicide— and teaches the reader through her example that one can survive the worst.

A brutally honest and intimate portrayal of raw grief in all its pain and ugliness, “Grief Sucks” rejects simpleminded words of comfort to address loss with simple home truths: This is the worst pain you will ever feel. And you will survive it.

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