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Comedy Writing Self-Taught

The Professional Skill-Building Course in Writing Stand-Up, Sketch, and Situation Comedy

Gene Perret

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In “Comedy Writing Self-Taught,” Perret (a legendary comedy writing teacher as well as a famous TV comedy writer and producer) teaches aspiring comedy writers how they can teach themselves the essential principles of comedy writing through comedy analysis and writing exercises. Covering the essential principles of writing stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, and TV situation comedy, “Comedy Writing Self-Taught” is professional level training from a master who has spent decades at the very top of the entertainment industry. Expressly designed for home self-study, “Comedy Writing Self-Taught” teaches that the most effective way to learn is to create comedy yourself. Perret teaches how to analyze the work of professional comedians to learn the principles of comedy and presents a full set of writing exercises to hone one’s skills. A companion workbook provides even more comedy writing exercises, giving readers the equivalent of a master class in comedy.