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Cleanup on Aisle Six

Daniel Stallings

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Attention, shoppers! Today’s special is murder! The Minimum Wage Manhunter is back, bagging groceries and a killer. After solving a murder at his last low-paying job, 20-year-old Li Johnson thought he would never see a corpse again. Unemployed and flat broke, Li catches a lucky break when kindly supermarket clerk Reuben Rodriguez gets him a job at Esther’s Family Grocery. But when a famously vindictive food critic is found bludgeoned to death in the spice aisle, the evidence suggests that Li’s new friend and benefactor might be the murderer. Determined to clear Reuben’s name, Li sets out to find what really happened to the shopper in aisle six. But getting the truth will force Li to match wits against the city’s shadowy political boss and a homicide detective who hates amateur sleuths. Can a lowly grocery clerk uncover a secret that powerful people want hidden? Once again, Li Johnson delivers fresh value and everyday high quality to the traditional mystery.

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Daniel Stallings



Gen Z, gay characters, traditional mystery, comic thriller, retail, Millennial, noir, working class hero, California, amateur detective