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Let’s Carve!

Safe and Fun Woodcarving Projects for Kids

Robin Trudel

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A safe, fun, and creative introduction to woodcarving for children age 4 and up

Your child's eyes will light up when they see what they can make with the beautiful and fun projects in Let's Carve!, a safe and easy introduction to the art of woodcarving for kids age 4 and up. Requiring only a few tools, inspiration and adult supervision, the projects in Let's Carve! are kid-safe and designed for beginners, but your children will be able to complete these age-appropriate designs all by themselves.

Learning the simple and beautiful art of coaxing shapes and figures from wood will fill your child with the joy of accomplishment, while teaching life-long skills your child will cherish forever. From simple clothespin chompers to string puppets to a waddling push penguin, each of the 16 core projects in Let's Carve! includes a basic version and an advanced version for kids who want more of a challenge. Many of the projects also provide alternate ideas that can be applied to new projects.

With its quick results and cumulative skill-building, Let's Carve! will awaken the creative spirit in your child, foster hand-eye coordination, and build confidence as your young carvers turn out unique handicrafts. Let's Carve! will give your child an experience they'll treasure and foster a life-long love of creativity.

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