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Can I Be in Your Class?

Real Education Reform to Motivate Secondary Students

Denise Fawcett Facey

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With education reform in the forefront of societal issues, virtually everyone is seeking methods to augment students' academic performance. Yet, real reform begins in individual classrooms, where the difference between the ordinary teacher and the extraordinary lies not in the content they teach, but in the manner and atmosphere in which they teach it. Can I Be In Your Class? offers secondary teachers tips and techniques to invigorate instruction and create an atmosphere conducive to active learning and extraordinary teaching. Each chapter opens with an illustrative anecdote and highlights a different educational area. A worksheet of self-assessment exercises concludes each chapter, guiding teachers to individualize and implement the suggested improvements in their classrooms. Designed to support both the novice and veteran educator, the best practices offered in this book help teachers to make education a dynamic experience that addresses the whole child and boosts academic progress. As a result, other students will ask, "Can I be in your class?"

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