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Jerusalem the Golden

Herman Douglas

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


This wonderful little book addresses the symbolism of the ancient Jewish tabernacle and how it points to heaven. The "Tabernacle in the Wilderness" (as it was called) was the earthly, movable dwelling place of God where the Israelites worshipped after the Exodus.  

Supported by Scripture, "Jerusalem the Golden" presents evidence that the holy tabernacle was indeed a shadow of things to come. Each chapter covers topics worthy of attention-from the Holy of Holies to the sacred vessels, brazen altar, golden candlestick, Ark of the Covenant, Mercy-Seat, and various aspects of the Tabernacle compound.

Readers of this book will find new insights into the symbolism of the rituals, the work of the high priests, the utensils, and every section of the temple. The commentary, references, and illustrations provide an inside view of the Tabernacle. As readers learn the symbolic meanings, their knowledge and understanding of the Tabernacle-and the plan of salvation it pointed to-will be greatly enhanced. The hope of the author was that, as readers learned the symbolic meanings woven into the Tabernacle and its services, they will reach a deeper understanding of how the ancient Biblical services are relevant to their lives today.

Note: The front matter of this book includes a lengthy prefix by a Miss Manning which goes into some detail about the dangers and poor working conditions faced by London's dock workers. This book, a series of sermons by Herman Douglas, was originally published as a fund raiser to help dock workers in need. 



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