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A Novel of Murder, Mystery, Love, Indiscretion and Hunting

Kenneth Tetzel

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


An early morning assassination by an unknown sniper has a solitary witness, Beatrice. But she’s in shock and can’t identify the shadowy driver speeding away from the scene. Almost immediately, the small town homicide team springs into action led by Chris, a black detective. The murder rekindles a previous case—the mysterious death of an abused woman, Sarah Crosby. Sarah’s parents emerge as suspects, the mother willing to do anything to keep a past concealed and a father well trained in the art of shooting. Tom Ellis, an avid duck hunter also comes under suspicion as well as two young farm workers. Entering the picture is a devious reporter, risking her reputation to break the story. Set against a backdrop of marshes, orchards, and small rural towns in California’s San Joaquin Valley amid drought conditions, the struggle for survival exposes unrefined passions and a cast of characters evading an inevitable conflict, all acting as decoys to the two murders. Includes Readers Guide.