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The Man With a Load of Mischief

Martha Grimes

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Two pubs. Two murders. One chocolate-box village convinced of its own perfection - until now.Long Piddleton is an unlikely setting for a crime, and yet it's the scene of two. With one dead body upended in a keg of beer at The Man with a Load of Mischief, and another swinging from the sign above the Jack and Hammer, tensions are high, and Scotland Yard's Richard Jury is called in to calm the waters.On arrival, Jury finds himself confronted by a community spooked by the idea that the murderer could be amongst them. That is, apart from Melrose Plant - the eighth Earl of Caverness and a keen observer of human nature whose astute eye directs Jury's investigation straight into the heart of the village, leaving the community questioning everything they ever thought they knew and trusted.


Grimes is not the next Dorothy Sayers, not the next Agatha Christie. She is better than both.

[Grimes] excels at creating a haunting atmosphere and characters both poignant and preposterous.

Grimes is gifted at exploring the private, sometimes horrifying, yet utterly mundane thoughts of ordinary people.

One of the established masters of the genre.
s novel] is cast in the mould of the great British mysteries and comes complete with all the classic elements.

For readers who value wit, atmosphere and charm.
s detective novels.
Grimes's love of the offbeat, the whimsical and the absurd makes [the Richard Jury series] utterly unlike anyone else'
s] gift for evoking mood and emotion is as keen as her talent for inventing a demanding puzzle, and solving it.
ll want to read them all.
Read any one [of her novels] and you'

Grimes captures the flavour of British village life...Long may she write Richard Jury mysteries.



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