On the Frontlines of the Television War

A Legendary War Cameraman in Vietnam

Yasutsune Hirashiki

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Fotografie, Film, Video, TV


';The eyewitness accounts of the many phases of the war in this memoir bring events to life as if they had happened yesterday' (Vietnam Veterans of America Book Reviews). On the Frontlines of the Television War is the story of Yasutsune ';Tony' Hirashiki's ten years in Vietnambeginning when he arrived in 1966 as a young freelancer with a 16mm camera, but without a job or the slightest grasp of English, and ending in the hectic fall of Saigon in 1975, when he was literally thrown on one of the last flights out. His memoir has all the exciting tales of peril, hardship, and close calls of the best battle memoirs, but it is primarily a story of very real and yet remarkable people: the soldiers who fought, bled, and died, and the reporters and photographers who went right to the frontlines to record their stories and memorialize their sacrifice. If this was truly the first ';television war,' then it is time to hear the story of the cameramen who shot the pictures and the reporters who wrote the stories that the average American witnessed daily in their living rooms. An award-winning sensation when it was released in Japan in 2008, this book has been completely recreated for an international audience. ';Tony Hirashiki is an essential piece of the foundation on which ABC was built... Tony reported the news with his camera and in doing so, he brought the truth about the important events of our day to millions of Americans.' David Westin, former President of ABC News

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