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Sheet Pan Paleo

200 One-Tray Recipes for Quick Prepping, Easy Roasting and Hassle-free Clean Up

Pamela Ellgen

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PALEO COOKING HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER THAN WITH THIS COLLECTION OF 200 ONE-PAN RECIPES THAT TAKE 20 MINUTES OR LESS FOR COMPLETE PREP AND CLEAN UP!Your Paleo dinner just got a whole lot easier. Simply toss the ingredients onto a pan. Roast, bake or broil. Soon you’ll be enjoying a hearty Paleo meal (and the one-pan cleanup is a snap!).Sheet Pan Paleo recipes combine healthy proteins, fresh veggies and savory spices that cook together, enhancing the flavors of each.Lemon Garlic Chicken with Wilted SpinachSlow-Roasted Salmon with AsparagusBeef Tenderloin and Bell Pepper FajitasCitrus and Herb Marinated Pork ShoulderWhole Baked Trout with Rainbow CarrotsChipotle Turkey Legs and Sweet PotatoesBroiled Oysters with Lemon and ZucchiniBison Burgers with Bacon MayonnaiseGinger Chicken Hearts with Bok ChoyPlus desserts, energy bars and more!